Jefta Saija

Jefta obtained his PhD in 2019. In his PhD project, Jefta investigated links between the auditory and visual modalities, focusing specifically on temporal integration and phonemic restoration. His project was co-supervised by Deniz Başkent and Tjeerd Andringa. Jefta now pursues a career outside academia.

Michael Wolff

Michael completed his PhD Cum Laude in 2021. Working in close collaboration with Mark Stokes in Oxford, his research focused on the neurophysiological mechanisms of the encoding, maintenance and retrieval of behaviorally relevant information in working memory, and the role of attention in these processes. He utilized primarily electroencephalography and multivariate pattern analysis to explore the fast dynamics of working memory specific neural activity. Michael has continued his career in Mark’s lab as a postdoc on our joint Open Research Area project.